Privacy Policy

  1. General

This privacy policy sets out the policies and practices of Outofstock Design Group Limited (“Outofstock”) in the collection, use, sharing and protection of customers’ personal information. Outofstock may update or change this policy and these changes will be posted in Outofstock’s website.


  1. Collection of Customer’s Personal Information


  1. a) For the purpose of carrying on Outofstock’s business including sale, provision, registration and promotion of Outofstock’s products and services, Outofstock will collect your personal information when you:


(i)          purchase any product from Outofstock in an Outofstock Store, by phone, online, or through salespersons properly authorized by Outofstock;


(ii)        entered into a sales or rental contract with Outofstock for any product provided by Outofstock;


(iii)       accept any design services provided by Outofstock; 


(iv)       entered into franchise or wholesale agreement with Outofstock


(v)         enquire information about a product or service from Outofstock;


(vi)       contact Outofstock with an enquiry or complaint;


(vii)      enter any promotions, competitions, prize draws arranged by Outofstock;


(viii)    take part in market research arranged by or on behalf of Outofstock; or


(ix)       visit or browse Outofstock’s websites.


  1. b) Outofstock may also collect information about you from other organizations including general business directories and credit information or reference bureau necessary to establish and support the payment of any services being requested by you.


  1. c) Outofstock may also collect information indirectly from you when you visit or browse Outofstock’s websites;


  1. Types of Personal Data Collected


  1. a) For the purpose of carrying on Outofstock’s business including sale and provision of Outofstock’s products and/or services (including relevant on-line services where applicable), the information that Outofstock collects include but is not limited to the following:


(i)          your name;


(ii)        your delivery/service address, correspondence address and/or billing address;


(iii)       payment details including credit card information, bank account and other banking information;


(iv)       contact details, including contact name and fixed and mobile telephone number and email address;


(v)         your preferences for particular products, services or your hobbies and leisure activities;


(vi)       a note or recording of a call that you made to Outofstock’s stores or hotlines;


(vii)      an email or letter you send to Outofstock; and other records of any contact you have with Outofstock;


(viii)    your account information, including but not limited to dates of payment.


  1. b) In support of the provision of products and/or services by Outofstock, information may be automatically collected by Outofstock on how you use Outofstock’s products and services, including but not limited to your searching, browsing history in Outofstock’s website.


  1. c) When you enter Outofstock’s website, we will use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information which are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Outofstock has relationships with carefully selected and monitored suppliers to assist in the delivery of a high quality website. Some of these suppliers may also set cookies during your visit in order to meet contractual obligations with Outofstock. These cookies do not store any personal details relating to you or your credit cards. If you do not wish to receive cookies you will not be able to use this website. We also use JavaScript to speed up your online shopping experience. If you disable either cookies or JavaScript, you will not be able to use this website. In any event, if Personal Data is necessary to be transferred to these suppliers, Outofstock will sign a non-disclosure agreement with them in order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of the Personal Data.



  1. Use of Customers’ Personal Information


Outofstock may use and analyse your information for the following purposes including but not limited to:


(i)         Outofstock’s daily operation on provision of products and services to customers;


(ii)        conducting credit checks when required;


(iii)      designing services or products for customers' use;


(iv)       processing your order and providing the products and services that you have bought from Outofstock and keeping you updated with the progress of your order;


(v)        assisting you with any products or services enquiries, including investigating and resolving service affecting issues and dealing with any billing queries you may have;


(vi)       billing you for selling/leasing Outofstock’s products or services;


(vii)     analysing your past sales history and correspondences so that Outofstock can further improve its products and services and/or better tailor the type of products and services presented to customers;


(viii)    carrying out research and statistical analysis and monitoring customer use of Outofstock’s products and services on an anonymous or depersonalised basis;


(ix)       assisting Outofstock in fraud and crime prevention;


(x)        debt tracing, debt recovery and credit management; and


(xi)       contacting you if necessary.


  1. Retention of Personal Data


Outofstock will destroy any personal data it may hold in accordance with its internal policy. Personal data will only be retained for as long as Outofstock needs it unless the personal data is also retained to satisfy any applicable statutory or contractual obligations or for the purpose of investigation, detection and prosecution of crime.


  1. Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Data


All personal data held by Outofstock will be kept confidential but Outofstock may disclose information about you to the following parties:


(i)        companies in the Outofstock Group;


(ii)      contractors, agents or suppliers who are involved in delivering the products and services you have ordered or used;


(iii)     any banking or financial institutions, charge or credit card issuing companies;


(iv)     credit information or reference bureaux;


(v)       debit-collection agencies or other debt-recovery organizations;


(vi)     professional advisers (which shall include lawyers and auditors);


(vii)    any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, payment or other services to Outofstock in connection with the operation of its business;


(viii)    law-enforcement or government bodies, regulatory bodies, courts or as required by law;


(ix)     any person to whom Outofstock is under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on Outofstock or under and for the purposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which Outofstock is expected to comply; and


(x)       third party reward, loyalty and privileges programme providers;


  1. Direct Marketing


Outofstock may use your Personal Data to keeping you updated of Outofstock’s latest offers or promotions or to conduct direct marketing of the following products and services (in respect of which Outofstock may or may not be remunerated):-


  1. all products or services offered by Outofstock;


  1. reward, loyalty or privileges programmes and related products and services; and


  1. products and services offered by Outofstock’s business partners including travel, dining, entertainment, apparel, health & beauty, education, household, transportation, banking, insurance and other consumer products and services; Outofstock will not so use your Personal Data unless Outofstock has received your consent to the said intended use. You may choose not to receive these promotional materials by informing Outofstock through the below contact details in Clause 11, and Outofstock will cease to do so, without charge.
  2. Provision of data for direct marketing


Outofstock may provide the Personal Data collected to its external service providers (including but not limited to mailing houses, data processing companies and information technology companies) that Outofstock engages for the purposes set out in paragraph 4 and/or for direct marketing purposes set out in Paragraph 7.


We will not so provide your Personal Data for the direct marketing purposes unless Outofstock have received your written consent to the aforesaid intended provision. Outofstock will also sign a non-disclosure agreement with such external service providers in order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of the Personal Data.


  1. Security of Personal Data


(a)        Outofstock has adequate measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, accidental loss or destruction.


(b)        If Outofstock has a contract with another third party organization to provide a service on its behalf, Outofstock will ensure they have appropriate security measures and only process your information as Outofstock has authorized. Those organizations will not be entitled to use your personal information for their own purposes. Outofstock will take reasonable steps to check these organizations to make sure that they are meeting the security requirements set by Outofstock.


  1. Transfer of Personal Data Outside of Hong Kong


At times it may be necessary and/or prudent for Outofstock to transfer certain personal data to other group companies or service providers outside of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”). This may happen if Outofstock’s suppliers and service providers are based outside of Hong Kong. Outofstock will take steps to ensure that your personal information is used by such third parties in accordance with this policy.


  1. Your Privacy Rights


(a)     In accordance with the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“the Ordinance”) and subject to exemptions specified in the Ordinance, any customer:


(i)          has the right to check whether Outofstock holds personal data about him or her and has a right to receive copies of such data;


(ii)        has the right to require Outofstock to correct any personal data relating to him or her which is inaccurate; and


(iii)       has the right to ascertain Outofstock’s policies and practices in relation to personal data and to be informed of the kind of personal data held by Outofstock.


(b)    In accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, Outofstock has the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing a data access request.


(c)     Requests for access to personal data, correction of personal data, information relating to the kind of data held and to stop receiving or re-start receiving direct marketing, may be made either


(i)          in writing to: Outofstock Design Group Limited, Units 01-03, 8/F, Eastcore, 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong ; or


(ii)        by e-mail to


Please identify yourself with your name, e-mail address and contact number when writing to us.


  1. Privacy Policy Published


This Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time and any changes will be posted on Outofstock’s website


If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the version posted on the website and the previous versions, this version shall prevail.


For the purpose of this Privacy Policy “Outofstock” means Outofstock Design Group Limited, its holding company and any company which is a fellow subsidiary of Outofstock Design Group Limited. Companies in the Outofstock Design Group Limited shall include, without limitation, Outofcafe Company Limited.





  1. 一般性


該隱私政策陳述了 Outofstock Design Group Limited(“Outofstock”)在收集、使用、分享及保護顧客個人信息方面實行的政策及慣用做法。Outofstock有權更新或更改該政策,這些變化將發佈在 Outofstock 網站上。


  1. 收集顧客的個人信息


  1. a) 為了繼續 Outofstock 業務,包括銷售、供應、註冊並推銷 Outofstock產品, Outofstock 將在您進行以下列出的活動時,收集您的個人信息:

(i)             Outofstock門店,通過電話、網絡或  Outofstock正當授權的銷售人員購買任何 Outofstock 產品時;

(ii)           Outofstock 簽署銷售或租賃合同,獲得由 Outofstock 提供的任何產品時;

(iii)         接受由 Outofstock 提供的任何設計服務時;

(iv)          Outofstock 簽署特許經營或批發協議時

(v)            Outofstock 獲取某個產品或服務信息時;

(vi)         就某諮詢或投訴事宜聯繫 Outofstock 時;

(vii)        參加由 Outofstock 舉辦的任何促銷、競賽、抽獎活動時;

(viii)      參加由或代表 Outofstock 舉辦的市場調查時;或

(ix)         訪問或瀏覽 Outofstock 網站時。

  1. b) Outofstock 還可從其他組織獲取與您有關的信息,包括一般企業目錄及信用信息或資料局等,以建立並支持由您提交的關於任何服務的支付請求。
  2. c)Outofstock 在您訪問或瀏覽 Outofstock 網站時,可以間接從您那裡獲取信息;


  1. 收集的個人數據類型


  1. a) 為了繼續 Outofstock 業務,包括銷售及提供 Outofstock 產品及/或服務(包括適用的相關在線服務),Outofstock 收集的信息包括但不局限於以下幾種:

(i)            您的名字;

(ii)          您的收貨/服務地址、通信地址及/或賬單地址;

(iii)         支付細節,包括信用寶信息、銀行賬號及其他銀行業務信息;

(iv)         聯繫人信息,包括聯繫人名字及固定及移動電話號碼及郵箱地址;

(v)           您關於某些產品、服務的偏好或您的興趣愛好及休閒活動;

(vi)         您致電 Outofstock 門店熱線電話的記錄;

(vii)        您發送給 Outofstock 電子郵件或信件及您  Outofstock 產生的其他聯繫記錄;

(viii)      您的賬號信息,包括但不限於支付日期。

  1. b) 為了支持由 Outofstock 提供的產品及/或服務,Outofstock 可能會自動收集關於您使用 Outofstock 產品及服務的信息,包括但不局限於您在 Outofstock 網站上的搜索、瀏覽歷史。
  2. c) 當您進入 Outofstock 網站時,我們將使用 cookies 功能。 Cookies 是您的瀏覽器在您電腦硬盤上留下的小片段的信息。 Outofstock 會小心審查及挑選一些供應商並與之合作,協助完成一個高質量的網站。在您為了履行與 Outofstock 合同義務而訪問其網站期間,有些供應商也會啟用 cookies 功能。這些 cookies 不會儲存與您或您的信用卡有關的任何個人細節。如果你不接受 cookies,您將無法使用該網站。同時,我們還使用功能 JavaScript 技術以加速您的在線購物體驗。如果您禁止 cookies  JavaScript 功能,您將無法繼續使用該網站。無論如何,如果必須向供應商轉交個人數據,Outofstock 將與他們簽署一份保密協議,防止發生任何未經授權而洩露個人數據的情況。


  1. 使用顧客的個人信息


出於以下目的(包括但不限於),Outofstock 可使用並分析您的信息:

(i)         Outofstock 每日向顧客提供產品及服務的運營活動;

(ii)        需要時進行信用調查;

(iii)      為顧客設計服務或產品;

(iv)       處理您的訂單,為您提供您向 Outofstock 購得的產品及服務,隨時向您更新訂單的進展情況;

(v)        協助您完成任何產品或服務的詢問,包括調查及解決印象服務的因素,並處理您就賬單可能產生的疑問;

(vi)       就出售/出租 Outofstock 產品或服務給您開設賬單;

(vii)     分析您過去的銷售歷史及通信記錄,以便 Outofstock 能進一步提高其產品及服務, 並/或更好地定制呈現給顧客的產品及服務的類型;

(viii)    在匿名或非個人的基礎上,展開研究或數據分析並監測顧客使用 Outofstock 產品及服務的情況;

(ix)       協助 Outofstock 預防欺詐及犯罪的發生;

(x)        追查債務、收回債務及信用管理;以及

(xi)       在必要時與您取得聯繫。


  1. 保留個人數據


Outofstock 將遵循其內部政策,摧毀其可能持有的任何個人數據。Outofstock 僅在有需要時對個人數據進行保留,如在任何適用的法定義務及合約義務規定下需要保留個人數據,或為滿足調查、偵查及起訴案件的需要時。



  1. 披露及分享個人數據


Outofstock 將對其所持有的所有個人數據保密,但 Outofstock 可以將您的信息披露給以下幾方:

(i)         Outofstock 旗下的公司;

(ii)        提供您所訂購或使用過產品及服務的承包商、代理商或供應商;

(iii)      任何銀行或金融機構,收費或發行信用卡的公司;

(iv)       信用信息或資料;

(v)        收債機構或其他收回債券的組織;

(vi)       職業顧問(包括律師及審計員);

(vii)     任何代理商、承包商或向 Outofstock 提供行政,支付或其他與業務運營有關服務的第三方服務提供方;

(viii)    執法部門或政府機構、監察部門、法院或根據法律規定;

(ix)       在對Outofstock 有約束力的任何法律規定下,或在任何由監管部門或其他權威機構下達的、Outofstock 應當遵循的指導方針約束下,Outofstock 有義務對其進行披露的任何人;及

(x)        第三方積分回饋、忠誠度計劃及特權計劃的提供者;


  1. 直接行銷


Outofstock 可使用您的個人數據以向您隨時更新 Outofstock 最新優惠或推廣或就以下產品及服務進行直接行銷(無論 Outofstock 是否獲得報酬):——

  1.  Outofstock 提供的所有產品;
  2. 獎勵、忠誠度或特權計劃以及相關產品及服務;及
  3. 由Outofstock 商業夥伴包括旅遊、餐飲、娛樂、服飾、健康與美容、教育、家居、交通、銀行、保險及其他消費品及服務領域;Outofstock 不會將您的個人數據用於以上所述用途,除非獲得您的同意。您可通過以下第11條中列出的聯繫方式通知 Outofstock 拒收這些推廣材料,Outofstock 將停止這一做法,且不收取任何費用。


  1. 為直接行銷提供數據


Outofstock 可向其外部服務提供方(包括但不限於郵局、數據處理公司及信息技術公司)提供所收集的個人數據,出於第4 段所述目的及/或出於第7 段所述的直接行銷目的。

我們不會出於直接行銷的目的將您的個人數據提供給以上各方,除非 Outofstock 獲得您的書面同意。 Outofstock 也將與這些外部服務提供商簽署一份保密協議,以防止個人信息在未經授權的情況下遭洩露。


  1. 個人數據安全


(a)        Outofstock 有相應措施防止您的個人信息遭受未經授權的洩露、意外損失或破壞。

(b)        如果 Outofstock 與第三方組織簽署了合約,代表其提供服務,Outofstock 將確保他們有恰當的安全措施且僅在經 Outofstock 授權情況下處理您的信息。這些組織將無權出於他們自己的目的而使用您的個人信息。 Outofstock 將對這些組織採取合理的檢查手段,確保他們滿足 Outofstock 設定的安全要求。


  1. 個人數據在香港之外的轉交


在某些情況下,Outofstock 將某些個人數據轉交給香港特別行政區(“香港”)外的其他團體公司或服務提供商的行為沒有必要且/或不明智。當 Outofstock 的供貨商及服務提供商所在地不在香港時,有可能發生這種情況。 Outofstock 將採取相應措施,以確保在使用您的個人信息時遵循這一政策。


  1. 您的隱私權


(a)        根據個人數據(隱私)條例(“條例”)中的條款規定 且在條例中指明的豁免情況下,任何顧客:

(i)          有權查實 Outofstock 是否持有他或她的個人數據且有權接受該數據的副本;

(ii)        有權要求 Outofstock 更正任何與他或她有關的錯誤個人數據;且

(iii)       有權查明 Outofstock 個人數據相關政策及規範,並有權獲悉 Outofstock 持有該類型個人數據。

(b)        按照條例中條款的規定,Outofstock 有權收取合理費用,以處理數據存取請求。

(c)        如需獲取個人數據,更正個人數據、所持有的與數據相關的信息,停止接受或重新開始接受直接行銷,可以通過以下任一途徑提出請求:

(i)          寫信至:九龍觀塘觀塘道398-402號Eastcore8樓01-03室Outofstock Design Group Limited;或

(ii)        發送郵件至



  1. 網站上發表的隱私政策


該隱私政策隨時可能發生改變,任何改變都將發表在 Outofstock 網站上如果網站上貼出的版本與之前版本存在任何不一致或衝突,請以網站上的版本為準。

在該隱私政策中,“Outofstock”即指 Outofstock Design Group Limited,其控股公司及 Outofstock Design Group Limited旗下任意附屬公司。 Outofstock Design Group Limited旗下附屬公司包括,且不限於,Outofcafe Company Limited。