Replacement Policy


All the merchandize is made-to-order and no order can be cancelled by the buyer once accepted by the seller except being agreed in writing by the seller and on condition that the buyer indemnifies the seller against all losses and costs.

We guarantee replacement if the merchandize is broken upon delivery due to our improper packaging.

As a responsible manufacturer, we ensure all merchandize is 100% quality check by our quality controller before shipment. Upon receipt of the merchandize, the buyer should carefully inspect the packaging before unpacking the merchandize. If any packaging is broken or with reasonable doubt that the merchandize inside is broken or scrapped, please do not unpack the merchandize unless in front of the independent surveyor to certify.

If the independent surveyor certifies that the merchandize is broken during delivery, it is our policy that we will replace a new merchandize in the coming shipment at our replacement cost.

Upon delivery the buyer will be assumed to thoroughly inspect the order. In case of any variations, the buyer should notify the seller by writing within 7 business days effective from the date of delivery.

Although the seller is confident of the product quality and life duration, it is our corporate policy that the seller does not take the position to guarantee any condition after acceptance of receipt of the merchandize and should be indemnified and held harmless for any problems resulting from improper or unsafe use by the buyer.

The seller shall also not be liable to the buyer for force majeure or circumstances beyond the seller’s control or for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage or cost etc. In any event, the entire liability of the seller shall not exceed the price of goods on the relevant Invoice.